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Welcoming winter

Winter is setting in across Namibia, so the evenings are cooler, but daytime temperatures still soar to over 30° C in places. Each of our camps in Namibia’s exceptionally photogenic wilderness areas offers unique experiences, from the thrilling desert-adapted lions, elephants and other large mammals, to the tiniest local area-specialist geckos and chameleons. Read all their latest news, and be inspired to start planning your Namibian safari!

Wilderness Doro Nawas newsletter 

Desert-elephant spotting at Doro Nawas


While we may not have wildlife in vast numbers, our unique desert-adapted elephants never fail to impress our guests. Nature drives in search if these elephants are always successful, and the excitement is palpable when returning from a drive and spotting them against the camp’s backdrop. The awe in our guests’ eyes truly captures the magic of these encounters.


Why guests love coming to Doro Nawas 


We were extremely busy in June, with spectacular sunsets capturing the hearts of our guests watching anywhere from the bar or main-area rooftop, to the middle of nowhere in the heart of the dunes, surrounded by the mountains.


After a long day’s drive looking for elephants, we make sure that the guests enjoy their sundowner with different soft drinks, cocktails, and most importantly, water... quench your thirst! 


When we go out for drives, guests don’t hesitate to climb the famous sandstone formations. An extremely enjoyable outing, it’s just one of the many activities we treat our guests to.


Cold winter nights in Damaraland


At Doro Nawas we make sure that our guests are kept warm while enjoying their dinners, listening to traditional songs from the staff.


Come visit us at Wilderness Doro Nawas where you too will have awe-inspiring and beautiful sightings of the elephants!

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Wilderness Damaraland Camp newsletter

Weather and landscape


The winter temperatures have really set in, with minimums of 2 and 3° Celsius recorded in the early mornings and evenings. However, this is the desert, and day time temperatures are still soaring into the mid-30s, with the highest temperature recorded being 35° C. 


No rainfall was recorded, and we experienced moderate to strong, unseasonably warm easterly winds, though there is still some graze to be found for the livestock in the community. 


Wildlife and birds


From desert-adapted black rhino and giraffes to zebra and springbok, we saw all our favourites while out on drives – including beautiful little Cape foxes. 


Ground squirrels are a common sight around camp in front of the main area. We also had springboks coming right up to camp, along with Rüppell’s korhaan, and our pets the guineafowl, in flocks, which are always around. 


The guides had to work a little harder to find the elephants as they have been moving around, and away, in search of food and water. 


Camp and guest news  


Staff surprised our guest Shannon with a cake for her 50th celebration at the boma dinner. We are so thrilled she chose Damaraland Camp for her celebration! 


The surprise bush breakfast was very well received by all guests, who loved the setting, and cooking over the fire. 


Staff news


Clement and Simon were in camp doing training with all our guides. 


Guest comments


  • "Great staff, loved Joas, also loved the lunch out under the trees with the rhino boys".
  • "Making us feel welcome. Paying attention to our preference for food. Meeting such lovely people. Great guides".
  • "Extremely kind + helpful. Everything perfectly clean. Our guide Loki was perfect".


Newsletter written by Wellen Rooi 

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Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp newsletter

A surprising shift in June weather in Namibia

June in Namibia usually means the onset of winter, bringing cooler temperatures and crisp air. However, this year started with an unusual twist – hot easterly winds swept across the region, making it feel more like a summer heatwave than the expected winter chill.

Just as we were adjusting to this unexpected warmth, nature threw another surprise our way. One morning, we woke up to a dense blanket of fog that transformed the landscape into a mystical, wintery scene. The cool, misty air was a refreshing break from the heat, offering a serene and almost surreal start to the day.

Here are some pictures by Lizelle Opperman capturing this remarkable change.

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This unexpected shift in weather not only brought a cool respite but also reminded us of the unpredictable beauty of nature. It’s moments like these that make us appreciate the ever-changing dynamics of our environment, even during the winter months in Namibia.


Courting lions at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp


In the heart of the Skeleton Coast, love blossomed between Oppie, the regal male lion, and Charlie, the majestic dominant female. Here in the vast and arid landscape, their bond is undeniable.

There is also now a hopeful suspicion that Charlie might be pregnant.

Anticipation fills the air as we await the possibility of new life. Under Oppie's watchful gaze, Charlie's every movement is closely observed, embodying the strength and grace of their harsh yet beautiful desert home.




Lion picture courtesy guest Bobbin


Resident cheetah in the Hoanib


In the heart of the Hoanib River area our mama cheetah is thriving alongside her two playful cubs, navigating the wilderness with grace and determination.


Staff News


We took a break from our usual routine and had a fantastic warm-up game as part of our team-building efforts. It was a blast seeing everyone come together, share laughs, and work as a team. Here’s to many more fun and productive moments together!





Employee spotlight for the month


McDonald Klim and Ester Shinene – we are delighted by their exceptional service and dedication. Both have received numerous positive mentions on our feedback forms, and their friendly demeanour, attention to detail, and commitment to providing outstanding service have not gone unnoticed. The management team would like to not just thank McDonald and Ester, but also the entire Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp team for their hard work during this busy season, and for embodying the values we strive for every day. We are proud to have you all as part of our team!


Newsletter by Lizelle Opperman, HSC Ass. Relief Manager


Cheetah pictures courtesy guest Tjorn Jansen

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Wilderness Little Kulala newsletter

Weather at Sossusvlei in June


It is the beginning of winter, and very dry. The temperature dropped to 15° C at night, but in the afternoons, it went up to 30° C. 


Sightings on the Kulala Wilderness Reserve


Out on nature drives from Wilderness Little Kulala, the rivers are dry beds, but we spotted two brown hyenas at the water hole in camp. Of course, the little black-backed jackals are also always seen around, coming quite close to the main area.





Birthday in the desert at Little Kulala


We had a group of four guests who stayed with us for three nights. They asked for a private bush dinner in celebration of one of the party’s 50th birthday. We did a special set up for them and they loved it. They also enjoyed the private singing and dancing by our talented Little Kulala team.


Guest comments


  • "Food, always called by my name, clean room, delicious wine, nice touch including some hand weights. Nelson was an excellent guide".
  • "All was excellent! Keep up the great work!"
  • "Everything! Very kind and friendly staff".
  • "Everything! **** Penny and her staff offer the very best in all ways!
  • "Perfect guiding and thoughtful staff".

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