Wilderness Sabyinyo newsletter – February 2024

Camp news

Eric Dushime


Fall in love with nature

How is it that we are already closing the second month of 2024? It really feels unreal – wasn’t it just a couple of days ago we were dancing and welcoming the new year?! Mother Nature put on her best show this month with the most ethereal views all around us, and we also celebrated the month of love, and the beautiful experiences that our guests and staff had.

Sabyinyo guest news

Though the rainy season is steadily approaching, the warmer mornings were perfect for treks, and the cooler evenings made our outside fireplace a hit among guests who enjoyed their drinks and snacks while reminiscing about their day, surrounded by the beautiful views of the volcanoes.


Thanks to this perfect weather, our guests particularly enjoyed their afternoon activities after their treks, and went out on nature walks and community visits. The nature walkers will testify to the numbers of birds around the property, especially the sunbirds of different species seen in the trees singing their beautiful lullabies. It seemed the birds lightened up the whole atmosphere around us.

Sabyinyo’s honey harvest 

Not only did our vegetable garden produce more tree tomato fruit than ever before, but our bees produced delicious fresh honey. Our beekeeper Emmanuel harvested the honey as guests and staff observed this fascinating activity.




Sabyinyo reforestation project

Our Sabyinyo team celebrated a milestone 17,000 trees planted since we started our reforestation project… clearing the eucalyptus from our property creates space to plant indigenous species, but has also opened up wonderful views of Mount Sabyinyo.

Sabyinyo Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day at Sabyinyo was not only made special for our guests, but also staff shared flowers from our garden with their loved ones. The dining room was decorated beautifully for our guests and special dishes served in the special evening.




Sabyinyo community news

On 14 February 2024, SACOLA (the Sabyinyo Community Livelihood Association) donated iron sheeting to 65 families in the Kinigi and Nyange sectors whose houses were recently damaged by heavy rain and hail. The families were living in houses with very old thatched roofs, which were destroyed in the storm.


One of the beneficiaries, Jonathan, said, “The rain made me feel very anxious because we were deprived, and I would not be able to stay in the house because the roof was seriously damaged. So now I am given 25 iron sheets and I immediately put them up with my family. Thank you!”


SACOLA Chairman, Nsengiyumva Pierre Celestin, says that their activities are focused on the wellbeing of the people, their development and conservation.  He said, "What we are doing for the people in Kinigi and Nyange sectors is to help them improve their quality of life. The people we supported with iron sheets are those identified some months ago whose houses were destroyed by the hail and heavy rain”.


In total, the families received more than 1600 iron sheets with a value of USD 17,000.

“Amazing experience! The incredible staff made us feel at home. The food was exceptional. Thank you”.

John & Colleen, Canada.

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