Wilderness Sabyinyo Newsletter – June 2023

Camp news

Eric Dushime


In the month of June

Peak season was in full swing at Wilderness Sabyinyo, and our days were filled with lots of sunshine, laughter, and happy guests and staff! The dry season helped us to move forward with some back-of-house projects, as we could progress without any rain disturbing the works.


We can indeed say that June has left the staff and our guests filled with good memories.

New lunch menu at Sabyinyo


After a long gorilla trek, a delicious meal is always something to look forward to. Our kitchen team never disappoints when it comes to serving good meals to our guests, but to further enhance the food experience we have introduced a new menu which includes even more variety.



The new menu now allows every guest to feel included, as the new dishes specifically focus on more vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.  Our guests can enjoy a hearty meal sourced locally or from our vegetable garden. The meals are filled with so much freshness, and the taste will leave one with a happy reminder of Sabyinyo.


These delicious meals are accompanied by the most beautiful views that the dry season brings, allowing us to celebrate a successful day and the best holiday vibes.


Sabyinyo staff


We continue to focus on the fitness of the team, to ensure we all have enough energy to look after our guests.  In June the team celebrated receiving a prize of a volleyball net as Wilderness Movement Champions. The volleyball net is so exciting and keeps the Sabyinyo team in a fitness mindset with positive energy. It has brought not only fun for the staff, but is building a strong bond amongst the team. The plan is to prepare for a friendly game with our sister camp Bisate’s team.



Even though it was a busy time, some of the team decided to add to their experience by doing a golden monkey trek. This was a very good time for them to learn more about the monkeys and also enjoy the trek in Volcanoes National Park!


Sabyinyo community


On the 8th of June a special ‘Walk to Remember’ was organised in Musanze by the Private Sector Federation and the Rwanda Hospitality Association. Wilderness Sabyinyo and SACOLA supported this event with financial contributions. The Walk to Remember was organised to honour and support the victims of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.



Several dignitaries, including the Director General of the Chamber of Tourism and Government officials, were present together with representatives of tourism and hospitality partners.


After several speeches the families of survivors were supported with either livestock or other necessities. SACOLA also offered support to several small children who had been admitted to the Kinigi Health Center due to malnutrition. The children and their caretakers now receive support and a proper diet and treatment. A nutritionist is assisting the families to ensure they receive three meals a day, plus fruit and milk. Soon the children will be able to go home and live a healthy life.

This has been our dream vacation for the last 10 years, and this experience has gone above and beyond our greatest expectations. You have made every moment perfect, your team is full of truly wonderful people. We will definitely tell everyone back home about our time here. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us”.


Let’s plan your next journey


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