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Wilderness Sabyinyo Newsletter – March 2024


Guest news

March is always a special month at Wilderness Sabyinyo, as it marks our anniversary of joining the Wilderness Family, something that we will always cherish. This specific March arrived in full force with cool mornings and cold evenings filled with heavy rains that somehow made our fireplaces and glasses of wine feel even more cosy than usual. Celebrations with reunited staff were filled with joy for both our guests and staff.

Regardless of the rain, the gorilla and golden monkey treks were outstanding for our guests this March, as the availability of bamboo shoots and other fresh vegetation to feed on meant most of the gorilla families spent their time on the lower and open slopes of the national park. Our guests enjoyed viewing these gentle giants after their relatively easy treks, allowing them to enjoy other activities in the afternoon. As an additional celebration of the wonderful days that our guests had, we organised sundowners for them whenever the weather permitted, with drinks around the fireplace, and dancing and singing to create the perfect end to a beautiful day.

Sabyinyo staff 

The Sabyinyo staff have been using this quiet time at the lodge to work on more back-of-house activities like deep-cleaning the camp, and doing Umuganda (community work) in places that needed extra hands. This is such a rewarding process for all involved as they continue making Sabyinyo more and more beautiful, and cleaner, while preparing for the high season that is coming in the next couple of months. 


It’s always a great joy to reunite with family after not seeing each other for quite some time, and the Sabyinyo family was extremely happy to welcome back Selma, the new Rwanda Relief Manager, who had been here at the lodge back in 2022. The reunion was a joyful one as we got to see each other and catch up on all the news, and she got to meet some new faces. However, this wasn’t the only celebration as the men at Sabyinyo took it a step further to celebrate the women during the month. It was wonderful to see them make bouquets and serve the ladies on International Women’s Day, a testament to the love and respect that radiates whenever we see them.




Celebrating local talent through our lodge décor 

A local Rwandan artist living in Kigali, Jean d’Amour IMANISHIMWE, has been commissioned to create a series of wall paintings depicting the local tree species found on the Sabyinyo property – each one a testament to the keystone species that are being propagated in our nursery. 


After graduating in Graphic Arts in 2014, Jean d’Amour relocated to Kigali city, seeking immersion in the vibrant art scene where he believed the best opportunities for artists existed. Currently, he operates from his studio, Live on Art Studio-Kigali, and proudly serves as the founder of Huza Arts Rwanda, a local gallery dedicated to showcasing the talents of both young and seasoned artists through painting and digital art.

His passion lies in exploring various themes that intersect with daily life through art. Specialising in abstract and semi-abstract paintings in the fauvism style, his work reflects the people he encounters, relationships, and imagination that captivate his mind, wildlife, environment, and natural resources. Often, his art compels him to delve into the diverse personalities and challenges that shape our world and community.

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CITW Rwanda students receive their 2024 Eco- and YES Club t-shirts

In line with our Wilderness Impact strategy, this month, Aline Umutoni and Jean Damascene Nkuriragenda visited the seven schools that we partner with on Educate projects.

We are very proud of the proactive CITW clubs in the schools and wanted to celebrate this with the students by supporting them with Club T-shirts. The schools now close for a short holiday, starting the third and last term of the school year halfway through April.


The students at Bisate Primary and Secondary schools, Rushubi School close to Sabyinyo, Akayange Primary and Rwabiharamba Secondary schools close to Akagera National Park, and Gisunzu Primary and Kinihira Secondary schools situated in the Gishwati Forest area, were all so happy to receive their t-shirts, and to see Aline and Jean Damascene.





In total, 244 CITW Eco-Club students attend weekly environmental lessons at their primary schools, and 308 students attend weekly YES Club environmental sessions at the secondary schools.


Including the teachers involved, we distributed 650 t-shirts – bright yellow for the students, and black for the Eco-Mentors and teachers.


Wishing all the students and teachers a very happy holiday, and we are looking forward to following their progress during the upcoming last term of the school year 2023-24!

“There’s so much to say… But it is a one-in-a-billion kind of experience. Hospitality, friendliness, food, drinks, the list goes on, thank you, keep smiling”. 


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