A New Day – A Wilderness-Inspired Poem


Eddie Mudzimu


Little Ruckomechi Camp Manager Edmond Mudzimu shares his lyrical response to the current ecotourism ‘shut down’ – from his home in the heart of Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 lockdown.

In Africa, we live for every new day, as it brings the lessons of yesterday. We embrace each fresh start, revelling in her warmth – and the warmth of our people.

Now we call on the Wilderness Safaris family to join us on this new day, a new day that 37 years of experience has prepared us for. Our experience has also taught us that as surely as the sun rises, the day will fade into night.

And this we know – Africa never sleeps. Africa is life, a gift – of fauna, flora, and people.

As its people, we can’t wait welcome you on your dream trip. To make it more than a memory in your heart, mind and soul – rather a forever ache to one day return to this magical continent.

Eddie also shares his heartfelt poem with us. Join us as we celebrate “A New Day” with him – and many more to come.

A New Day

As surely as we know that there will be a sunset
So we are sure there will come a dawn
And with that
A New Day.

A New Day rising in the East
A new day full of life
A new day utterly different from yesterday
Because today brings new hope.

The diversity of Africa wakes up
With renewed vigour
New pride New hope
A new today – for yesterday is gone.

From the savannah plains of Zimbabwe
Africa wakes up to the call of the wild
Rejoicing in the golden rays of the sun
For they made it through the night.

Along the mighty Zambezi River
From mouth to source
The joys of a new day are evident.

Passing over the majestic Victoria Falls
A life force affirmed with thundering smoke
Visible from the far horizon.

The call of the fish-eagle along the way
Welcomes a new day
The chattering monkeys and barking baboons
Say “We are alive on this new day”.

The picturesque lands of Namibia
Rich in culture and heritage
Welcome their New Day.

Gemsbok and springbok
Astride rich red desert dunes
Welcome a new day

Desert lions and elephants
All wake up to their new day
And the hope of live-giving sustenance.

Botswana and its amazing diversity
Says thank you to a new day
The Delta jewel glistens Its residents beckoning
Friend and foe alike.

In Zambia, the vast and wild Kafue welcomes the new light
High up in a soaring balloon
Overlooking the endless plains
Softly bathed in the morning glow.

In Equatorial Africa
The silverbacks of Rwanda and Bisate
Gently welcome the new day
From upon high in their forest kingdom.

As Wilderness Safaris
We wake up to the call of Africa
An Africa that is highly addictive In its all its beauty and splendour.

This is the Africa you only come to know
When walking her elephant trails
And slaking your thirst with her precious water.

Once you have slept beneath her blanket of stars
And felt the warm smiles
On the faces of her people
Then you will truly know It is a new day in Africa.

A new day beckons for you
For everyone
Welcome to a new day in Africa.

Listen to Edmond reciting his poem here:

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