Baobab Bob - Poem by Michael Shepard


Michael Shepard


The “Tree of Life”, as the baobab is often referred to, is the inspiration behind this poem written by one of our Mombo guests, Michael Shepard. The most popular spot for a sundowner is under the famous tree, Baobab Bob, which makes for a fabulously picturesque setting.

Baobab Bob by Michael Shepard

Every day on a safari ends in a similar fashion –
The rover is pulled over, you stretch your legs, grab a drink,
And celebrate the end of a glorious day by watching a beautiful sunset.

It is this unique enjoyment of the moment that makes a safari experience life changing.
No place lives in the moment quite like Africa.
We bathe in the beauty and the grandeur.

Few trees have served as a backdrop to as many happy sundowners as Baobob Bob of Mombo Camp.
Living in that moment is what keeps us coming back – over and over again.

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