Celebrating Wilderness on World Poetry Day


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Our resident poet, Easy Molapisi of the Botswana office, wrote a poem just for us - so we can all celebrate World Poetry Day! Make a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the words.



Celebrating Wilderness 
By: Easy Molapisi




What a long walk through the wilderness

Through the four ethos of Wilderness,

Of Community and Conservation, Culture and Commerce

The road to success littered with obstacles

Yet we kept on throwing away failures

For there has never been grace

In a benefit that stick to fingers,

As one hand kept on washing the other.

All the good work we did,

Just like ants

Little by little, toiling in delight

For the total harmony of the universe,

Nature conservation resonating with its purity

Bread and beauty empowering the community

Who fell in love with the energy of the morn

And slept peacefully in the tranquillity of the night

After the wind’s melodious lullaby.

Nations we embraced with open arms

Manoeuvring clouds in all forms of air transit

Like moths struggling to reach the light,

To see African Tuskers marching tall and majestic

Polers poling canoes with lusty sinews

And Giraffes with long necks too tall,

Rabbits with tails none at all,

Through serpent roads leading to vast rewards

Trodden by animals extinct

To know of traits so distinct

Which made our life –changing journeys a succinct.



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