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Amy Berman, the founder of Mother Bear Project, shares why her amazing organisation has partnered with Children in the Wilderness. “Mother Bear Project has been providing bears to Children in the Wilderness for some 15 years, and could not be happier about this partnership.

"Sometimes people ask me, Why bears, when there are no bears in Africa? I chose to knit bears because my mother made the same knit bears for my children when they were young, and these bears evoke feelings of comfort and unconditional love that I hope the children receiving them will feel as well. “I actually had to teach myself to knit to start Mother Bear Project!

The beauty of this project is that people of all ages and abilities can participate from all over the world. "It is a project that is knitting people together to do something positive and loving for children. I have had the opportunity to attend a CITW camp, and had the privilege of seeing their important work first hand.

"To all those who have touched CITW and keep it going, keep up the fabulous work. You are truly making a difference”.

Gratitude from a recipient of Mother Bears: "Life is hard for many children in Namibia.

”HIV/AIDS takes their youth when it takes their parents. Prostitution, stigma, and labour replace the safe learning and play that childhood should bring.

"Your gift restores balance to damaged lives. It shows that people can be kind rather than selfish and abusive.

"In so doing, it gives hope and joy by pointing away from what life has become to what it can be. Please thank all of the knitters. The teddy bears make a huge difference!"

Caroline !Gaoses, Youth Programme Officer, Evangelical Lutheran Church AIDS Programme, Namibia

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