CITW Porridge Delivery For Zimbabwe Students


Sarah Adams


Our friends at Children in the Wilderness (CITW) are hard at work making sure all the children who have returned to classes have a full belly in the morning. Sarah Adams​, CITW Zambezi Community Sustainability and Evaluation Trainer, wrote us a poem to express her joy at being able to reach so many grateful children across the communities.

To Jabulani, Lesedi, St Mary’s, and Dinde we go,
With two tonnes of Mighty Meal porridge in tow.

Feeding almost 2000 children for the next few weeks,
Some of the pressure on parents is able to be released.
Designed to help students last through the day,
A bowl of Mighty Meal each morning will keep hunger at bay.

Made with sorghum, beans, and all things nutritious,
It is a 100% Zimbabwean meal that is also delicious.
With full tummies to help children learn,
We are so pleased that schools have now returned.

The importance of food cannot be underestimated,
And we are so very fortunate for the funding that Grand Circle has donated.
We look forward to providing more distribution reports,
And thank GCF for their ever-lasting support!

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