CITW Textbook Distribution at St Mary’s Primary School


Sarah Adams


Last week, students and teachers at St Mary’s Primary School, located 120 km from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, received a consignment of curriculum textbooks thanks to Grand Circle Foundation (GCF). More than 500 text books were delivered and depending on the grade, included English, Mathematics, Science, and Agriculture books for all levels from ECD – Grade 7.

The text book delivery also coincided with a community meeting that Children in The Wilderness (CITW) had planned for the day. Thus, community leaders and parents were present for the distribution and could see the amazing gift that the students and school had been given. We were able to see one class unbox and have a look at their new textbooks. Both teachers and students were so excited and grateful. While the government recently stipulated a new primary school curriculum, schools are not provided with the resources that they need. Thus, many schools in Zimbabwe lack textbooks, and teachers have to make-do with older resources or improvise.

Providing schools with curriculum textbooks for core subjects ensures that students have the most current resources for the syllabus. This is especially evident for older grades, who are examined on the content of updated textbooks. St Mary’s is one of the largest schools in the area with almost 900 students enrolled. Thus, this donation will make a significance difference for many children.

Giving students the opportunity to learn from the latest resources is invaluable, and these textbooks will go a long way.

Thank you to Grand Circle Foundation for this generous donation. We are so grateful for your continued support in investing in Africa’s children through education.

Written and Photographed by Sarah Adams

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