CITW Zambezi - Borehole Maintenance and Repairs at Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe


Sarah Adams


With many grateful thanks to Suzanne Wright, we have been able to carry out maintenance and repairs on the boreholes whose installation we have facilitated in Tsholotsho, south of Hwange National Park, over the last few years.

Maintenance and repairs are critical to ensuring that all the equipment associated with the solar boreholes is looked after, minimising the risk of larger issues arising in the future. Communities and schools were also asked to put together a wish list for their boreholes, such as whether they had a need for more piping and taps, storage tanks, etc.

Water is life, and thanks to funding generously donated by Suzanne Wright, all of these boreholes have now been visited, and the changes and repairs made. Having a well-functioning borehole is vital for all those people who depend on them for their daily water needs. Much time is saved through storage tanks, and having several taps servicing one borehole. This minimises queues and leads to greater efficiency in the water collection process, leaving more time in everyone’s days for other errands and income-generating projects.

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