CITW Zambia Solar Light Distribution


Sarah Adams


In March, Children in The Wilderness (CITW) Zambezi undertook another distribution of solar lights to rural schools surrounding Livingstone, Zambia. Loading as many lights as we could in the back of our car, we made several trips out to some of the more remote primary and secondary schools.

On arrival, we were warmly greeted by teachers who welcomed us to their schools. As this was the first time that Zambia had received a consignment of solar lights, we distributed them to Grade 6, 7, 9, and 12 students, as these are the grades studying for important examinations.

Following a check on how many students were in each grade, we offloaded and went into each class to do the distribution. An explanation was given to each grade that received lights as how to look after and use them. All recipients were so grateful, with broad smiles all around.

Thanks again to the Bourke Family Foundation for their generosity in donating these lights. They will make such a difference for students living in these remote areas, helping them study and complete their homework in the evenings.

Lights were also given to the teachers, which will allow them to complete marking and lesson preparation after school hours.

Written and photographed by Sarah Adams

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