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I Dreamt of a 'Cleaner' Africa – A Poem by Sean Van Der Merwe


Sean Van Der Merwe



With everyone in isolation, it’s as if Earth finally has time to breathe – and exhale. Mombo Camp GM Sean Van Der Merwe explores our impact on nature, and what this time of transformation means…


I Dreamt of a 'Cleaner' Africa - A poem by Sean Van Der Merwe, Mombo GM


An Africa that has hit the reset button
A place of current healing
I dreamt of saying thank you
For without you we would still be polluting your lungs,
Suffocating your waters,
Exploiting your unique wildlife.


I dreamt of saying thank you for realising
That the pristine wilderness, we are so privileged to call home,
Gives no second chances
I dreamt of the realisation
That without appreciating our impact on your soils,
We do not have the opportunity to
Live, laugh, breathe.


I dreamt of a global realisation
That finally you have a chance to rest, reflect, and repair
Your waters return in records,
Your fauna and flora blossoms in these strange times
And no one is here to witness it but our mother
They call her nature.


I dreamt of a cleaner Africa
Thank you for reclaiming what is truthfully yours
And for the realisation of my responsibility
To play my part in protecting you.


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