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Photographer and Children In The Wilderness Eco-Mentor volunteer, Angelica Mills, describes a few of the amazing moments experienced on the Bobirwa Cluster’s 2019 annual camp held at Mashatu Game Reserve.

The children often arrive feeling shy and unsure of what lies ahead but after the first song, lots of hugs and high-fives, they start to bounce with excitement and the smiles begin to emerge. Some take a bit longer than others to come out of their shells, but once they get a Super Camper award, the confidence shines from within.

The Anti-Poaching presentation is probably the most important lesson on our camps, and is conducted in Setswana. It really provides the children with perspective and insight on the consequences of poaching. In December 2019, Goms, an Eco-Club alumnus delivered the presentation. He attended his first CITW camp in December 2011 as a camper, and is now volunteering as an Eco-Mentor, inspiring the next generation of wilderness leaders.

The Circle of Life lesson emphasises that all living things are interconnected, and why it’s so important for us to take care of our environment.

In my Photography lesson I encourage all the mentors to be involved and the children to experiment with their buddy. Little Laone had his eyes on me instead of looking at his buddy taking a photo of him with the mentors. It’s all about being part of a team and the bigger picture of the work we do for these precious children that I live for.

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