The Sounds of Nature - A Poem by Tracey Mabasa


Tracey Mabasa


A remarkable talent indeed, Children in the Wilderness star Tracey Mabasa wrote this poem when she was just 14.

The Sounds of Nature by Tracey Mabasa

I can hear the birds singing
The tall trees shaking
Dancing to the rhythm
Of the twirling and twisting northern winds

The king of the jungle giving his mighty roar
For all the animals to bow down
Our human cousins I mean the adorable monkeys and baboons
Dancing to the trumpets of the elephants

During the winter’s night
Hyaenas howl at the clear full moon
The Luvuvhu River flowing gently
Putting the fish to sleep

Nature lovers gather around the fire
Young ones giving attention
Listening carefully to the stories
Told by the old wise grey hairs
Our Kruger Park Mother Nature loves you
Your wonders never cease to amaze.

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