CITW - New Inverter for Jakalasi Primary School Borehole

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Sarah Adams


Jakalasi Primary School, a beneficiary of Children in the Wilderness, (located in Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe) has just had a new inverter installed on the school borehole, thanks to funds raised by the Rotary Club of Port Orange – South Daytona, Florida.




The previous inverter stopped working a few weeks ago, meaning the borehole could not be used and water needed to be sourced from another borehole. The school borehole services the 257 students enrolled at the school, nine teachers, and approximately 85 households around the area, equating to over 450 people who rely on, and benefit from, this borehole. With the new inverter and the borehole able to pump again, all those who relied on it are able to use it again.

Jakalasi Primary has always been extremely proud of their veggie garden, and are so very grateful that they have easily accessible water again for their crops. The school Principal stated that “with the borehole back on track, we will work on the garden immensely so that we are able to have vegetables for learners once schools open again”.


Due to COVID-19, schools are still unsure when they will be opening, but want to ensure that when they do, they are able to feed children at least one meal a day. Due to the severe impact that the coronavirus has had on livelihoods, food security is going to be a significant challenge for the foreseeable future.




Water plays a key role in agriculture, so having a borehole greatly helps in the success of vegetable gardens, and allows communities to take responsibility for providing students with nutrition.


Wilderness Safaris and CITW are extremely grateful to the Rotary Club of Port Orange – South Daytona, Florida, for this generous and life-changing donation.


You too can be a part of making a difference and become a conservation hero - learn more here.



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