Shumba, Zambia

How a Journey to Shumba Changed Chrispin’s Life

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Josephine Bestic


Many guests at the lovely Shumba Camp in Zambia’s Kafue National Park will have had the opportunity to meet Chrispin Kibinda, a long-standing employee who hails from a neighbouring community. His story forms an integral part of Shumba’s history…


When building the camp in 2006, there was much excitement about the opportunities for employment among the local residents, the closest village being Kamakechi, about 80 km away, or a multi-day walk to Shumba through a high-density game area.



One cold, misty June morning the construction team heard voices in the distance and, as the voices drew closer, they saw a small boat-like raft carrying four young men. They had come from Kamakechi in this piece of bark made from a marula tree and had been travelling for two days to look for work at the camp.


Needless to say the team boss could not turn them away and they formed part of the crew that built the camp. One of those young men is Chrispin, a popular waiter still employed at Shumba!


Shumba so appreciated their endeavour that they purchased the ‘boat’ from the young men and it is displayed in the camp boma area as a tribute to the determination of the Zambian people.



When next you are at Shumba be sure to ask Chrispin about his adventures!

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