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Adventure together

I sit in the privileged position of having been on safari countless times and while seeing a lion, cheetah, wild dog, or elephant at any time is magical, bringing the family along on safari changes the outlook completely. Suddenly once-in-a-lifetime sightings are less about catching the first glimpse of a leopard stalking through long grass, but keeping a watch out of the corner of my eye to witness my child’s expression.

Early wake-ups that come with young children are for one of the first times in my life, relevant, even appreciated. Afternoon naps mean downtime for mom and dad, or a drink poolside, joined by little ones, laughter, and even a thirsty elephant in late afternoon. And evenings bring family time around the fire, pizza-making, drumming, and star gazing.


So if you’re thinking of planning your own family safari, I have three words: “Just do it!” And if you’re wondering what you’re going to do to keep your little ones entertained out in Africa, here are just five of our favourite activities to enjoy with the family on safari:

Family game drives


Safari holidays mean game drives. Typically, two a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, although of course you can always decide to skip the one to enjoy more downtime in camp. On these drives, you'll keep an eye out for all the fascinating creatures of the bushveld, from zebras, to hyenas, sable, eland, lion, leopard, and everything in between. And watching your children see these animals up close for the first time will be nothing short of magical. 

Memorable experiences for all ages

And don't worry about the other guests. The honeymoon couples, or elder visitors looking to escape the chitter chatter of little kids. At Wilderness we keep our camps small, meaning you’ll only share a vehicle with six guests. That means come with the extended family and you’ll get a private vehicle or book one anyway and dictate your own day while spending real quality time together as a family.
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Nature walks


While seeing big game on a drive is one thing, watching your little one marvel at the little things of the bush can be even more special. It’s all about innocent discovery and marvelling at the tiny world one often misses on a game drive vehicle. Our guides will teach your little ones how to track animals, make bird calls, create natural sculptures out of found materials, or find scorpions at night using a UV torch.

Walk on the wild side, safely

Watch your children run free, shouting and laughing as they run up and tumble down some of the world’s biggest dunes in Namibia, or watch them discover a fascination for ancient art, discovering the rock art of civilizations past.
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Engaging activities


Every child on one of our safaris will be paired up with their very own Wilderness Bush Buddy. A dedicated staff member that is on hand to keep your child busy, entertained and safe. Whether that’s tapping into their treasure chest of toys, making plaster casts of animal footprints, embarking on bug hunts, putting together wildlife puzzles, star gazing at night, or running through a wildlife checklist in their illustrated field guide. However, one of the most favourite activities amongst our littlest guests has to be getting creative in the kitchen.

Food safari

Children can join our chefs to help make pizza or bake cookies, outside, around the fire. And when they’re done rolling, cutting and decorating, the best part is the eating!
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Cultural experiences


Broaden your child’s mind when you introduce them to new cultures and communities on your family safari. Whether that’s spending time feeding goats or planting vegetables in a village in Rwanda, playing a game of soccer or joining a lesson in a rural classroom in Zimbabwe, or touching base with a nomadic Himba tribe in Namibia, your children will love, laugh and play with a group of kids very different from their friends back home.

Learn about the local people

They’ll learn new games, teach theirs. See what it means to look after and care for animals. Learn to bead or weave. And hear stories passed down through generations. It’s these experiences that can have the most profound impact on your children, and who they become.
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Catch-and-release fishing


Whether in Botswana, Zambia or Zimbabwe, our waterside camps give you and your children a chance to try your hand at perfecting a new skill, together. Venture out by boat, watching wildlife and hearing birdsong, as you try to reel in a big catch. Whether a beautiful bream, or thrilling tigerfish, the wetlands and riverine waters around our camps are teeming with fish for you to admire.

Responsible fishing

You never know, you may discover a future angler in your midst, and at the very least you’ll have spent a few hours of quality time out in nature with your kids.
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Family adventure together

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