"Travel with Purpose" Africa Photo Competition - Stories from the Wilderness



Kate MacWilliam


In 2017 we launched our first-ever Wilderness Moments Photographic Competition, and were amazed at the quality of wonderful images and stories we received. Our second photographic competition was run in September 2018 and, once again, judging was no easy task.


One of the categories in the competition, Travel with Purpose, focused on the storytelling aspect, encouraging guests to enter an image along with a short story on how Wilderness Safaris has changed their lives, or how they have seen someone else’s life changed. Some wonderful entries and also fantastic historic images were entered. We have selected a few of our favourite stories and pictures for you to read and browse below.



This photograph of my sister and I was taken by our mother in 2003. As a family, we had always loved the bush and spent most weekends and public holidays at a variety of parks in South Africa. This was our first trip to Botswana and one that would change our lives. Little did we know that the adventure we had then, and repeated for several years after, would create a passion for wild places that would lead both of us into professions that would allow us to spend as much time in the wilderness as possible and hopefully help to conserve the places we loved. I have now worked for Wilderness for eight years in both the bush and the office. Seeing the work we do for conservation and the people in the surrounding areas makes me proud to walk into work every day. I know our journeys change lives, one of them changed mine. – Cayley Christos.



Brooks was our guide in 2005 and he made us fall in love with Africa, safari, and Wilderness. On our second morning at Mombo, we found ourselves in the middle of a pride of over thirty lions! The lions were incredible, but our time with Brooks was most memorable and is what has brought us back to Africa and to Wilderness so many times. The animals are beautiful, but it is the guides that changed our lives and instilled Africa into our souls. – Hadley Pierce.



On our first African safari, in 2004, we wanted to see black rhinos and chose to stay at Desert Rhino Camp located in Damaraland, a very arid environment in Namibia. One of our first experiences at the camp had a long-lasting impression on us. A member of the team announced himself and explained how to use the bucket shower – a genius way to save water using simple equipment. At the time, we were used to taking long showers but realised on this day that it was time to correct our bad habits of consumption. Christiaan Bakkes, the camp manager, explained the issues at length to limit the waste of water. Only a bucket of hot water for two, every morning. In France, we implemented the bucket shower and have significantly reduced our water consumption. – Marie Reine



During a walking safari, I meet a Himba man. He went from village to village carrying all his possessions on a stick. This most unique and impactful meeting left a lasting impression on me, a moment I have treasured ever since. – Marie Reine, Serra Cafema, 2004

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