#IDreamOfAfrica Week: Our Favourite Recipes from Wilderness Kitchen


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We are pleased to be able to share another week of #IDreamOfAfrica content, this time focused on our #WildernessKitchen – meals to rekindle the memories and tastes of your African safari.


Thank you to everyone who joined us in making these scrumptious recipes and wonderful food-inspired videos and beverages. For those who want to bring more of the wilderness into their kitchens, here is a roundup of some of our favourite recipes.


Mombo Pizza


Chef Tonderai Chipfupi at Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta hosted a live pizza-making video and was joined by Alfred, Mombo’s Sommelier for recommendations on the perfect pizza and wine pairing. Before watching the video below, don’t forget to check out the RECIPE so that you can make your own pizza alongside Chef Tonderai.


Grocery Shopping in the Wilderness


A vital component of Wilderness Safaris’ remote camp operations, freight runs deliver a unique set of challenges. Getting supplies into camp is a whole other world... We would like to share some of the logistics with you, plus a true story from one of the camps HERE.

Freedom Nxele Cooks Some Favourites


Wilderness Safaris’ Premier Camp Chef Trainer Freedom Nxele was next in the #WildernessKitchen … Enjoy these three Botswana favourites from our Premier camps – Freedom’s hearty beef stew, truffle samp & beans, and his roasted butternut, blue cheese and biltong salad.


Bon appétit!


Cocktail Hour at Bisate


A firm favourite with guests at Bisate, Rwanda and the perfect accompaniment to any meal is a good cocktail. Presenting our signature Bisate cocktails for you to try at home … shake, strain and enjoy!


Magwenyas in sweet and spicy syrup


An indulgent Botswana-inspired dessert for everyone to enjoy … Try your hand at this delicious Wilderness Safaris’ RECIPE – Magwenyas (small doughnuts) in sweet and spicy syrup.

Toka Leya’s Famous Pizza Oven


Enjoy a taste of Zambia from our #WildernessKitchen… Toka Leya is not only world-renowned for its prime spot along the Zambezi River but also for its amazing pizzas.


Iconic Gin and Tonic


King’s Pool, situated in the picturesque Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, was our next stop with a fun and informative gin experience aboard the Queen Silvia barge.


Fudge Brownies


A recipe from the Chitabe Camp team. Enjoy these moreish fudge brownies...

Honey Ice-Cream from Magashi


Rounding up the Wilderness Kitchen recipes are some of our favourite desserts, including Magashi’s Honey Ice-Cream – we love this dessert for its sweet essence and fragrant aroma.


In Rwanda, Nyakinama village is famed for its bee-keeping, due to its location on the edge of Buhanga Forest – a natural habitat for bees. Many of the villagers boast two or three hives in their gardens and generate income through the sale of their honey – which is also popular for medical purposes and for brewing beer in the country.



Bisoke Lava Pudding


A Bisate Lodge pudding inspired by the arresting Mount Bisoke, a dormant volcano in the Virunga Mountains of the Albertine Rift, and a dominant feature of the views at Bisate, which neighbours Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park​​. Mount Bisoke stands at 3711 m above sea-level. Interestingly, well-regarded and celebrated primatologist Dian Fossey’s research camp was stationed in this area in 1967. Enjoy this decadent dessert – a firm favourite of our Bisate guests!



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