Celebrating the Phenomenal Women of Wilderness

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At Wilderness, every day is a celebration of the many unique talents, diverse voices, and incredible work within our family. Today, though, the spotlight remains firmly on our ladies. This International Women’s Day, we’d like to personally spread a little extra love and thanks your way.


Wilderness Impact Empower Local Staff


We recognise the strength, resilience, and magic that each one of you brings to everything you do. It's truly wonderful to be part of a company that doesn’t feel the need for one special and noteworthy day to recognise women empowerment because, in our Wilderness family we already possess inherent power. We work alongside people who consistently celebrate each other, recognising the value that every team member, regardless of gender, adds to our collective success. Today, we celebrate the many phenomenal women of Wilderness who call us their ‘other’ home, who weave a little added inspiration and femininity into our daily adventures. 


You are not just appreciated today; you are cherished and valued every day.


Join us for a virtual stroll through many regions, terrains and titles, where a remarkable 40% of our business thrives under the dynamic leadership and contribution of women. Our incredible ladies are not just shaping the landscapes of our business, but are also leaving a lasting mark on their communities. It's not just about jobs; it's about the stories and impact these women bring to our untamed world of adventure. We’d like to mention each and every one of you, but for now let’s shine a light on a few of our fellow stars and their various contributing roles…

Aminata Jackson

Wilderness Learner Guide, Zimbabwe


Aminata thrives on the continuous learning she finds in nature. Her journey with Wilderness has shaped her into a confident and impactful female guide, and she hopes that her story encourages the next generation of women aspiring to a similar path.

Assiat Ingabare

Wilderness Guide, Rwanda


Assiat, our trailblazing guide in Rwanda, is not only the first female guide to obtain the FGASA certificate in the country, but is also dedicated to inspiring the next generation of female guides. Her journey with Wilderness aligns with her passion for conservation and breaking barriers, as she paves the way for women in guiding.

Rose Mabiza

Wilderness Air Pilot, Botswana


Flying high above the Okavango Delta, Rose Mabiza is one of our soaring ladies at Wilderness Air in Botswana. She thrives on the teamwork and mutual support among the crew. Rose not only connects our guests to camps, but is also a great inspiration to other local women interested in becoming pilots.

Ellie Walkingshaw

Brand Director, Yellow Zebra, UK


Heading across the globe to the UK, meet Ellie, the imaginative Brand Director at Yellow Zebra. With 18 years in the safari industry, she joined to make a positive impact on local African communities through sustainable holidays. Now, as part of the Wilderness brand family, her sense of pride is only amplified. Ellie proves that adventure indeed knows no borders!

Jessie Brechin-Leman

Head of Jacada Marketing, UK


Jessie is orchestrating a symphony of storytelling at Jacada. Her strategic prowess and creative flair shape the narrative of Wilderness, ensuring that every adventure seeker hears our story loud and clear.

Anivia Peace Muteteri

Wilderness Bisate Trainee Manager, Rwanda


Anivia isn't just managing, she's trailblazing as a Trainee Manager at Bisate. Her deep connection with Wilderness goes beyond the workplace, making her feel at home and part of a family every day. Through earned trust, she also serves as one of the elected staff representatives for the team.

Miriam Tichapondwa

Acting Chief of Operations, Botswana


Meet Miriam, the inspirational dynamo leading the way as the Acting Chief of Operations in Botswana. For 18 years she’s been helping to create incredible travel experiences for Wilderness Botswana’s guests, and her commitment goes beyond just a job; it's a passion for excellence that reverberates throughout the Okavango and beyond. 

Agnes Tjirare-Kerii

CITW Culture & Stakeholder Manager, Namibia


Agnes’s impactful story spans 13 years with Wilderness, climbing from camp waitress to her current role. Recognised among the Top 100 Young African Conservation Leaders, she eagerly anticipates positively impacting more lives in her ongoing journey, and her passion for education and environmental awareness is a beacon in the Namibian wilderness.

Selma Benyameni

Wilderness Namibia Hospitality & Support Trainer, Namibia


With over a decade of contributions to the tourism industry, Selma is passionate about empowering others to find joy and success in their careers. Her role goes beyond just skill-building; it’s about empowering local communities wherever possible. Selma collaborates on the Sunshineup Kids Home project in Swakopmund, merging her love for Namibia's pristine wilderness with a fondness for jewellery-making, using recycled beads from the Penduka “Rise-Up” project in Windhoek.

Odilia Leyna

Wilderness Operations Manager, Tanzania


Oddy’s legacy with Wilderness is a sure sign that she is a cherished part of our Tanzania team, serving as the reservations “rock”. More than anything, she values the freedom she has to share ideas, knowing she’s heard and valued. 

Shuvanayi Taruvinga

Wilderness Zambezi Camp Operations Administrator, Zimbabwe


In her behind-the-scenes operational support role, Shuvanayi helps to ensure seamless operations at all Wilderness Zambezi camps, offering our guests remarkable adventures. As a mother, she aims to nurture her daughter into an impactful young lady, instilling values of compassion, leadership, and environmental stewardship.

Rose Naiman

Wilderness Camp Operations Manager, Tanzania


Rose is the organiser we all need, ensuring seamless ground operations that allow us all to rest easy.  She keeps the Tanzania business running smoothly without breaking a sweat. She cherishes the opportunity to connect with people from diverse countries, viewing it as a catalyst for continuous improvement and learning.

Fran Gesimba

Wilderness Travel Manager, Kenya


Meet Fran, the maestro behind turning dreams into reality as our Travel Manager in Kenya with two decades of experience in East Africa. Her exceptional talent for curating unforgettable experiences has solidified her as an indispensable member of the Wilderness family.

Annah Kekana

Wilderness Reservations Manager - Groups, Series and Explorations, South Africa


Annah is the powerhouse managing reservations for Groups and Explorations in South Africa, ensuring every adventure starts seamlessly with her efficiency and warmth. Her work creates transformative experiences. Reading her guests feedback brings back the thrill of the bush, rekindling the joy she finds in her role, while her involvement with CITW adds a personal touch to the lasting impact she strives to make.

Preshima Naidoo

Wilderness Head of Product, South Africa


Leading the Product team, Presh brings a worldly outlook to Wilderness, where her role is focused on creating synergy and aligning product processes. Her passion for the outdoors and travel sprouted in her early years with Girl Guides South Africa, and camping trips left her with cherished memories. These experiences ignited her love for our untamed places.

Linda van Rensburg

Wilderness Group Food Experience Manager, South Africa


Linda ensures that the Wilderness experience is not just about adventure but also about savouring the flavours of the journey. With over two decades with Wilderness, she helps to infuse every adventure with culinary delight, crafting innovative menus that perfectly complement our extraordinary camp settings.

Ansie Smith

Wilderness Group Operations Quality Standards Manager, Namibia


Ansie is our guardian of quality, meticulously ensuring that every operation reaches the highest standards at Wilderness. She infuses excellence into every facet of our business. Her joy and inspiration stem from her hands-on experience in Wilderness camps, where she stays connected with nature.

Alexandra Margull and Hadley Allen - Wilderness EXCO


A nod to two division powerhouses who are also members of the Wilderness Executive Committee. As Wilderness Chief Operating Officer and Wilderness Chief Commercial Officer respectively, Alexandra and Hadley’s leadership helps propel Wilderness to reach our goals, showcasing the strength and capability of women in leadership.

As we mark International Women's Day, we celebrate you all: our fun, fearless team! We’ll leave you with this quote, and hope that your day ends with a befitting African sunset backdrop, marking the occasion in true Wilderness style.



“Stand up for your destiny. The key is in your hand to unlock every single opportunity you want to grab. It is time to be the best. The Number 1 champion. And nothing less. Rise and shine!”
Onnie Mokenti
Wilderness Botswana


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