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The Wilderness Trust recently allocated donor funding to support the Endangered Wildlife Trust's (EWT) crucial Vultures for Africa Programme, aligning seamlessly with their Impact Strategy's focus on human-wildlife co-existence and conflict mitigation.



This contribution will significantly strengthen EWT's initiatives in raising awareness and responding to wildlife poisoning incidents, engaging diverse stakeholders to mitigate the detrimental effects of poisoning on vultures. Vultures, vital for maintaining ecological equilibrium, confront a multitude of threats, including poisoning, electrocutions, habitat degradation and food scarcity. 


"Vultures play an important role in healthy ecosystem functioning, and all species (many Critically Endangered) are facing considerable threats – notably direct and indirect poisoning, electrocutions and collisions with energy infrastructure, habitat loss, disturbance and food shortages”, noted Vincent Shacks, Wilderness Group Impact Manager.


A primary aim of the Vultures for Africa Programme is to address the human-wildlife conflict driving vulture poisoning across the continent. EWT's extensive work spans 17 countries in Southern, East and West Africa, focusing on risk reduction and rapid response to poisoning incidents.


“These challenges not only endanger numerous vulture species, including Critically Endangered ones, but also have a cascading effect, placing other wildlife species at risk. Therefore, addressing vulture conservation is paramount to safeguarding the broader biodiversity and ecological balance.”, added Vincent.


EWT's training programmes have reached 7,000 learners, including rangers, veterinarians and law enforcement personnel, leading to numerous successful interventions to save poisoned animals. In 2023 alone, the programme conducted 17 wildlife poisoning response and awareness workshops in eight countries in Southern and East Africa.





These training efforts extend to community engagement staff, with a focus on raising awareness among communities within or near protected areas, about the dangers of poisoning and the use of poisoned wildlife products. This comprehensive approach underscores The Wilderness Trust's commitment to safeguarding Africa's vulture populations and preserving the integrity of its ecosystems.


“The significance of this contribution is further amplified by the heartfelt reason behind it. Moved by the passion of our late Director, Russel Friedman, in vulture conservation, a generous guest has directed a donation of USD5,000 towards supporting a vulture conservation programme. It's a touching tribute to Russel's legacy and a testament to the enduring impact he had on those around him”, concluded Vincent.


All guests and interested parties are encouraged to actively contribute to these vital conservation efforts by clicking here, where they can gain further insight into ongoing initiatives and contribute to conserving the untamed places and ecological diversity within Africa, while promoting the harmonious co-existence of local communities and wildlife. 

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