An Elephant in a Tree


Kate Collins


On a morning game drive while staying at Savuti Camp we had a most unusual sighting… driving along while looking out for the lions we had seen the day before, our guide suddenly exclaimed, “There’s an elephant in the tree!”


Neither my friend nor I could quite believe what we had just heard, and were now looking at. Above us, dangling from the boughs of a tree, were the remains of an elephant calf, its ear and foot clearly showing that this was in fact an elephant!

It was hard to believe that a leopard could drag an animal of this size (roughly between 120-150 kg) up a tree and place it as high up as it was. The photographs show the different angles of the calf, not a pretty sight, but most definitely an unusual one! 

Dry season in the bush is a most interesting time and we were amazed at just how much we saw throughout our trip to the Wilderness Safaris camps in the Linyanti during this period. This was just one of many fascinating sights that we were privileged to witness!

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Share your comments with us if you have!

Photographs by Kate Collins

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