The Hwange Road Less Travelled



Mr Willem Botha


Our Hwange Game Water Supply Manager Mr B. reports on his recent Mandundumela adventure…

One early, cold and uncomfortable morning, I left Linkwasha for the Makololo Concession, heading out in my trusty old Cruiser with, as always, a travel mug of steaming hot tea and all my equipment on the back. I stopped over briefly at Makololo Camp to fill containers with diesel, then I was on the road again to refuel pumps and to see that everything was in working order.

I said Hi, to Pelican, my mate at Big Sam, checking to see that he was in working order and out fishing. I then proceeded on the long road to Mandundumela, as I had not been there for a while and needed to check up on the solar pump installation, and that all was on track.

I always look forward to going to this incredible, unique, and special place. Christopher, my assistant, and I are among just a few people to have ever set foot there. On this occasion, I was alone as he was on days off at his rural home, enjoying quality time with his family.

I arrived at noon and was met by a family group of elephant drinking at the waterhole. They were at ease, and had no qualms with my being there, making me feel very welcome. With gratitude, I accepted the invitation to spend some time with them. No other people, and vehicles, just me and those elephant, sharing a moment together, at this unbelievably remote and wild spot, deep in the heart of Hwange.


Having had their drink of water, all were happy and content, and they slowly moved away to find shade under the majestic camelthorn trees, where they could have a snooze and rest up. Here, they live a life without fear of harassment and persecution, and are able to walk freely in the veld and under the blue skies of this awesome Mandundumela wilderness in Hwange National Park.


Having had the privilege of experiencing another memorable wildlife encounter, it was time for me to hit the road again. We bid our farewells, and went our separate ways – how honoured I am to work where I do, and witness such incredible moments in the wilderness.

Until my next story, take care and chin up!

Mr B.

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