Vumbura Plains

Vumbura’s Most Intrepid Lion Family




We had such a lovely surprise when we came across an email from David Meen who’d recently travelled to Vumbura Plains. Those of you who follow our blog will have seen the amazing photographs that we shared of a lioness and her cubs crossing a channel in the Okavango Delta. The pictures show the mother lion cautiously finding the best route through this watery oasis with her two cubs in tow.


David had a similar sighting of this very same lioness and her cubs – possibly taken a few days after the sighting we had previously shared.


David says, “We watched the two lionesses trying to ferry five cubs across the channel. The older lioness crossed twice with her three cubs (about five months old) while the younger lioness balked the first time and then got across with one of her cubs (about two months old). After much coaxing, her second cub started across but either got confused or panicked and began to flail. The mother took about 45 seconds to get a secure grip on it (we were worried that she would accidentally drown it, as she dunked the poor little devil several times) and then she carried it back to the starting point. Sure enough, the older mother and cubs all turned around and re-crossed as well. True theatre!”


Take a look at David’s magnificent photographs showing the playful cubs as they once again brave the water. This surely is a good lesson for the cubs who will have to cross many more channels like this in future!

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