African Wildlife Quiz: Questions & Answers

Your Guide to Africa

Tenneil Zondagh


Africa is rightly famous for its abundance and variety of wildlife and is home to the world's largest land mammal, tallest land mammal, largest primate, largest antelope, heaviest flying bird and four of the fastest land mammals, among many other highlights. These mammals can also be seen and appreciated in some of the most dramatic and pristine landscapes left on Earth today, with Wilderness.


Learn some fun facts about Wilderness and African flora and fauna in our safari quiz! 


Once you have completed the quiz please send your answers though to and the first five correct submissions will earn bragging rights as the Wilderness quiz guru of 2021.


And keep an eye out as we will be posting the answers here!

1. Can you identify these African animals


2. Name these African birds


3. Name the African countries that play host to these landmarks

4. Name these African antelopes

5. Name this bird

6. Also the national plant of Namibia, what is the name of this curious-looking plant?

7. What is a group of zebras called?

8. Name three species of kingfishers

9. What is the denning period of the African wild dog?

10. A baby lion is called a cub; what is a baby elephant called?

11. What are the largest and the smallest land mammals in Africa?

12. The IUCN provides a list of endangered animals and their conservation risk status. What does IUCN stand for?

13. Termites are the architects of the Okavango Delta. What is the name of their home?

14. Phumba, Zazu and Timon are famous Lion King characters, but do you know what kind of animals they are?

15. The “tree of life” is a common sighting in southern Africa, and is known by what name?

16. Newly built DumaTau in the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve has a spa and boutique area that also includes a gym and lap pool. What is this area named?

17. Our non-profit partner is referred to as CITW and is celebrating 20 years of changing lives. What does CITW stand for?

18. Bisate Lodge in Rwanda opened their much-anticipated day lounge, Bisate Kwanda in 2021. What does Kwanda mean in English?

19. What Wilderness camp would you be staying at if you were enjoying an idyllic hot air balloon flight over the remote northern sector of Kafue National Park in Zambia?

20. Name the semi-nomadic people you can interact with during a trip to Serra Cafema in Namibia’s Kunene Region.

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