Wilderness Davison’s Newsletter – March 2023

Camp news


A new season, a new dawn!

An exciting new season began with the arrival of Michelle Kabwe, Wilderness Davison’s new Camp Manager, previously at Ruckomechi in Mana Pools, as well as her Assistant Manager, Catherine Mbalekwa, from Victoria Falls. Both are excited to raise Davison’s and feminist awareness to greater heights. Joining the teams in the Guides Department are Pro Guides Edwin Muchenje and Elias Chiga, as well Liberty Dhliwayo, who has stepped away from his management role at Linkwasha to pursue his passion for wildlife and guiding.

Wilderness Davisons Zimbabwe Wilderness Elephant

Our much-awaited guides training started with a bang, with guides flocking in from all our Zimbabwean camps. Dave Carson was the trainer, and he brought in some exciting activities for the guides to do during the training workshops. Safari walks, including dangerous game approaches, were covered, as was star gazing, teambuilding activities, and a bird-call competition, amongst other interesting activities, kept us busy, entertained and educated. There was serious bonding and orientation for the new guides who have just joined the Wilderness Family. One of the main objectives was to end the training with everyone on the same page and fully understanding what’s expected from our Wilderness team of highly trained guides.


Moreover, Operations Manager Graham Simmonds, aka Golf Sierra, and Janice Moyo, our Service and Standards Manager, as well as several staff members joined the vital first aid training, to ensure everyone is equipped with basic knowledge for emergencies, and the emergency response teams are well prepared. It was quite exciting as the ACE team managed to share important information with us.



At the end of our guides training, we also had two days of training in advanced first aid with the ACE team. It was very important, as it highlighted real life situations that we might encounter in the bush, and how to tackle them a limited time-frame. Dr Simon from Wilderness24, and Malora, our Group Risk Manager, were present as well, and showed us how committed they are to assisting us if health hazards ever arise.




The temperatures were pleasant and ranged from a minimum of 20° C to a maximum of 32° C. The rains were quite sporadic, with less than 50 mm received; it seems the summer rains are over. The rainfall received to date has allowed the vegetation to grow well, with the grasslands comprising tall grass and trees in full leaf.


Wildlife and birds


Davison’s continues to be visited by resident zebra herds, as well as impalas and big herds of sable. The waterhole is the perfect setting for those who wish to remain in camp and have time to themselves.


It was quite a month to remember as some special sightings were recorded – from cheetah to leopard, painted dogs, elephants… you name it… the guides worked hard and well to find the animals, given that the bush is very green, with thick vegetation and tall grass.


Little Vumbura Botswana Wildlife Cheetah Family

Probability of sightings

Sable 52% Lion 42% Elephant 42% Cheetah 13% Giraffe 35%

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