Wilderness Toka Leya Newsletter – March 2023

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Gogo Chisulo


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News and highlights

Wilderness Toka Leya had a wonderfully productive month, with rewarding game drives and river cruises, Victoria Falls and Livingstone activities, and memorable sundowners on the banks of the legendary Zambezi River. Toka Leya is proud to be a beacon for the local community and surrounding area in terms of its impactful contributions to sustainable tourism.

Weather and sightings


March is the end of our hot and rainy summer, and we head into a brief autumn season before the onset of winter. Daytime temperatures are very comfortable – at night it can be quite nice and cool, becoming very warm, and even occasionally hot. Despite low rainfall throughout the season, the Zambezi filled even before the high-water season set in, and the Falls have been spectacular since February. We had a few days of light rain and showers during the month, but were not affected by the cyclone experienced on the east coast of Africa. Most days were partly cloudy to sunny, with temperatures ranging being between 16 – 29° Celsius.


March prepares us for exciting times ahead, and the rising waters of the Zambezi greatly enhance the experience of the river. Not only does the legendary spray at the Falls grow, but the rising level replenishes the grazing areas along the river. When the water finally recedes later in the season, we will have a haven for the grazers. Whilst there are still a few pools inland, the low rainy season experienced this year means most have dried out and the game is already coming down to the river for their main water supply. We have had elephants in camp already and several herds were seen swimming across the river. This sighting might sound fairly normal, but think about their bulk, the width of the river where they cross and the current at the moment as the river is rising – this really made it a wonder for all our guests who had the chance to see it.



This month was really amazing for birders, as the rising waters created the ideal feeding areas for the waders, with a multitude of species being sighted by our guests on the river. Buffalo, waterbuck, zebra and wildebeest are among some of the many sightings that guests had in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, along with the numerous other small grazers and browsers here.


Signature experiences


The little rain we had did not deter any of our guests from enjoying the full complement of activities offered at Toka Leya. All guests visited the Victoria Falls, had game drives and did the rhino walk. Some even found time to visit Sinde Village, do some catch-and-release fishing, and tour the Livingstone Museum, Dambwa Market and the town of Livingstone.


The majority of our guests took advantage of the quieter river and park traffic in the mornings for their outings.


Magic moments and WOW experiences


The rhino walk is one of our signature WOW experiences, and every guest does it at Toka Leya. We also treated our guests to our famous picnic on the banks of the river. They ended their afternoon activities with drinks and snacks on the banks of the Zambezi, watching the sun set across the water, with hippos, birds and baboons calling as night fell and the temperature cooled enough for the hippos coming out to graze.



Community and conservation


Our indigenous tree nursery provided 40 young trees for planting around camp this month; 30 were planted by staff and 10 by guests. Our guests also made various donations, and gave Learning Teaching Aids and sports items to Children in the Wilderness partner, Twabuka School; they all thoroughly enjoyed their community interactions.


Camp experiences


March was really amazing – a sure sign of how the season will unfold in terms of sightings in Mosi-oa-Tunya. Our team has also been focused on giving our guests unforgettable experiences, both in and out of camp. Cocktails, wines and gin set-ups were a big part of each of our guests’ activities this month, and the team is constantly digging for new ways to WOW our guests. Our chefs were not to be outdone, and with a revamped menu, guests were treated to some mouthwatering specials.



Newsletter by Gogo Chisulo, Wilderness Toka Leya Manager

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