A Bountiful Harvest at Bisate Camp, Rwanda


Ingrid Baas


Thursday the 21st of January was a great day at Bisate as the construction team was able to resume work on the lodge’s amazing new Day Lounge. It’s very exciting to be able to continue with this project after having to put it on hold for several months due to COVID-19. Soon the Bisate Kwanda Day Lounge will be available to all our guests who arrive early or depart later from the lodge.

However, we weren’t sitting still during the months that we could not construct the lounge, and the Bisate team has developed a beautiful organic vegetable garden. It won’t be long before our guests will be having lunch surrounded by magnificent fresh local produce.

Once the Kwanda is completed, our early arrivals and later departures will be able to freshen up, shower, enjoy a relaxing massage, change, and have a meal and a drink or two, all in supreme Bisate-style comfort. Guests arriving earlier than noon can make use of the Kwanda before heading to the lodge to check in. Check-out time from Bisate Lodge is usually 10:30, but now guests who are not departing straight away can take advantage of all the lounge’s amenities until the latest departure time of 15:30.

Additionally, guests who depart after their trek, can have their boots cleaned while they relax and compare stories of an unforgettable encounter, before heading on to their next destination.

The Bisate Kwanda Day Lounge's organic vegetable garden is based on the concept of an ecosystem intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.


Companion planting is practiced, as symbiotic relationships have been shown to enhance the growth and yield of both plants, as well as succession planting, to ensure the soil is continually renewed and enriched. Our agriculturalists are always on hand to assist or accompany guests should they wish to see how the garden grows.

Current plantings include the following…

The garden is still a work in progress and as the construction team completes work on the Kwanda, so we continue to develop the garden. We are looking forward to the outside of the building being finished and the construction team moving on to the interior finishes, so that our agriculturalists can finalise their wonderful vision for this amazing vegetable garden.

Purple Beans

Our talented kitchen team have put together a couple of recipes for you to try - all these recipes include vegetables from our bountiful harvest.

Try our Ikirayi Recipe here

Try our Imboga Garden Recipe here

Try our Zucchini Noodles Recipe here

Written by Ingrid Baas, Wilderness Safaris Rwanda Operations Manager

Photographed by Jason Glanville, Bisate Lodge Manager


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