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The new DumaTau and Little DumaTau camps represent the next stage in the evolution of Wilderness Safaris’ focus on guests’ holistic wellness. Enabling visitors to direct their own physical and psychological wellbeing during a safari recognises that wellness is a very important, and very personal, concept. Every touchpoint – from food to spa treatments – has been designed to be a self-led journey to recharge the soul.

Naturally, this begins with the safari experiences themselves – there is nothing quite like spending time watching elephant cross the Linyanti River to inspire a connection with the sense of purpose that infuses DumaTau.

At the Osprey Retreat (the new central wellness area), DumaTau provides a secluded space hidden away amongst the natural lagoon-side vegetation for an immediate immersion into nature, as part of a holistic health and wellness experience that creates a retreat in the truest sense of the word. This is enhanced by the reimagined menu, which draws on locally sourced ingredients to provide healthier meals that add to the sense of wellness, and are in tune with both Botswana’s agricultural heritage, and the latest thinking on nutrition, authentic flavours and sustainable farming.

At DumaTau, the emphasis is on mindful relaxation and restoration, and there is a natural segue between the safari and in-camp experiences. These include personal activity options that range from contemplative (each guest suite has a yoga mat and guidance on poses to help guests align with the remarkable energy of the Linyanti), to cardio (using the fully equipped gym at the Osprey Retreat, or the gym-in-a-bag provided in each suite).

“Simply spending time at DumaTau can be very relaxing thanks to the slower pace, the outstanding natural beauty of the Linyanti and the opportunity to fall into step with the rhythms of nature”, comments Kgabiso Gabanakitso, Wilderness Safaris Botswana Wellness and Retail Manager. “By offering a wide range of massage, facial and nail treatments – either at the Spa or in-room – we’re able to add an extra dimension to the DumaTau experience”, she adds.

The fully qualified, in-house therapist team will be using natural body care products from the award-winning Healing Earth range. They will also be offering a signature DumaTau treatment, the Soul of the Earth Body Ceremony, a full body massage that draws on a bespoke scent developed to capture the essence of the new camp. This ceremony begins by focusing on the feet, as a way of symbolically connecting with the Earth.

Spa offerings are a relatively recent addition to the premium safari experience in Botswana, but, as delivered at DumaTau, they are a natural extension of the traditional safari activity menu. The range of treatments on offer complements the holistic health and wellness journey that is a DumaTau safari – and ties guest activities back to the camp’s stated purpose. Time in the wilderness has always had the potential to revitalise the spirit; at DumaTau, this has been taken to the next level through meaningful layers of experiences.

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