A Botswana Safari That Has it All – Chitabe

Our Collective

Helene and Dave Hamman


After having been away for quite some time, we flew into Chitabe on 5 June; the following images are just a small selection of photos taken in last two-and-a-half weeks on game drives throughout the concession.

The wildlife sightings are prolific, with one seeing general game almost continuously while on a drive. We’ve also been seeing predators every single day and the sightings have been superb. Almost all of these sightings are within two to three kilometres of the camp.

Early mornings are particularly productive, and our guests are seeing a lot of predator action and interactive behaviour, especially as we have three resident prides of lions at Chitabe. The African wild dogs have a den in the concession, and the puppies are out and about, and a joy to watch. We’ve also recently found a hyaena den and saw two tiny cubs emerge. Cheetah and leopard sightings too, have been abundant and rewarding, while the floodplains along the Gomoti Channel are rich with game, and our guests are really enjoying these excursions.

Chitabe is a photographer’s paradise!

The weather is perfect right now with cool mornings and warm days. We took the opportunity during the quiet months to do a lot of maintenance at both camps, and Chitabe and Chitabe Lediba are looking fresh and beautiful.

So from all of us at Chitabe, we just wanted to let you know that things are going very well, and our guests are loving the freedom of being in our remote camp. They are thoroughly enjoying the game drives, private dinners, and the professionalism of our staff who are all so excited to be back to work, and back at their home away from home.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks and enjoy the photos. All the best, Helene and Dave Hamman

All images by Dave Hamman


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