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Little Makalolo (or Little Mak as we like to call it) has always topped the charts when it comes to guest reviews, and having being on the receiving end of this spectacular little camp a couple of years ago, and with so many fond memories, it was with trepidation that I stepped foot in the very newly upgraded and renovated camp! My apprehension disintegrated the moment we drove in. The beaming faces – some of whom I remember, and new ones – still radiated! 


And the fabulous camp still has the same wonderful feeling but it seems to have taken on an even greater feeling of nature. I’m not sure whether it is the interiors, with the beautiful, local and earthy pieces, art and fabrics, or whether it’s that spectacular false mopane which seems to have taken an even more central role in the camp, or could it be the fireside gathering place which no longer sits on a deck but on terra firma?





A real difference is the now raised pool deck area. Not only are you able to watch the teeming waterhole from the pool (I only recommend this in summer), but brunch is served from this vantage point too. Despite the staff serving us one mouth-watering dish after another, we spent more time photographing the parade of animals than eating!


Finally the guest tents. I loved them then, and I love them now. They are discreetly hidden from one another in the bush and are even more open and airy than I previously remember. Stunning olde-worlde finishes such as copper basins and outdoor showers are now complemented by woven baskets and other local finishes. Of course, before leaving your room you need to be on the lookout for any lingering wildlife.  



Wilderness Little Makalolo Room interior
Wilderness Little Makalolo Room interior

If you have been to Little Mak, then you will know all about the log-pile hide found at the waterhole in front of camp. Once again, I was able to experience the thrill of huge elephant feet filling my whole view, and once again, the playful splashing of these great pachyderms meant I was included in their daily watering!


The sleep out at Madison Pan, a 20-minute drive away, I believe is altogether a more restful experience, with the star-studded skies shining down upon you while the wild sounds of Africa lull you to sleep. I experienced this spectacular platform in the daytime, where Mayisa, the chef, served me the most delicious pizzas I have eaten. Of course it helps to have a pizza oven right there.



When I arrived home I found a piece I had written on my stay at Little Mak two years ago. What is incredible is that every word still stands today: “Of all the Wilderness Safaris camps in Hwange, Little Makalolo is probably the one that reflects the anticipated authentic tented safari the best. Aside from exhilarating experiences, intimate living and of course sumptuous food, this camp is abuzz with delight. The staff are phenomenal. The warmth and friendliness of every single member of the team – including managers, guides, waiters, housekeepers and chefs – makes this truly a home from home experience. Creating the Wilderness journey together has clearly strengthened their relationships with each other and their enjoyment of life is reflected in their work and their service. Laughter is never short at Little Mak. Just as you are likely to find an elephant around every corner, you will find laughter too. When it came to saying goodbye to my newfound friends I was awash with emotion.”



"“Of all the Wilderness Safaris camps in Hwange, Little Makalolo is probably the one that reflects the anticipated authentic tented safari the best." "

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