A New Season at Ruckomechi

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Ruckomechi is open for 2022, as Mana Pools enter the dry season. Guide and photography enthusiast Nyengedzayi “Nyenge” Kazingizi, shared some of his first images of the season with us. Showing the wonder and excitement that makes Ruckomechi such a wilderness wonderland.




Wilderness Guide Nyenge


Find your love for nature and love of life…Drift along the majestic Zambezi River, with the purple-hued Rift Valley escarpment in the distance. Marvel as elephant herds cross the waters near your boat. Hear the ancient stories of river gods. Welcome a wildlife menagerie around camp: elephants; lions; leopards; hyaenas; buffalos; African wild dogs; a range of antelope, and birds, such as bee-eaters nesting on the riverbanks or fish-eagles calling plaintively from the skies. Spend a special night in the wild, high in a Star Bed treehouse as the animals visit the waterhole below. Walk with a guide through the magical light of the albida forests, where elephants move through the trees like phantoms.


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