Vumbura Plains

A tribute to Billy, Lion King of the Okavango Delta

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It is with a heavy heart we report the death of Bilimangenge (affectionately known as Billy), one of the largest male lions to roam the Okavango Delta. Billy and his brother ruled over the eastern side of the Vumbura Concession, east of Old Kaporato, to Vudumtiki and beyond.


He was unique in that his mane grew under his belly, all the way to between his hind legs, a genetic trait not often seen in lions these days. He was an old male and had lived a full life.



Unfortunately Billy’s fate was sealed when three new males moved into his territory, killing the old male in order to secure the area as their own (a common occurrence in lion dynamics in the wild.) His brother had no option but to flee to avoid the same fate.



Bilimangenge gave us many memorable sightings, and we trust that his bloodline will continue in the area for years to come.




Written by Nick Leuenberger, Field Operations Manager - Mombo and Vumbura camps.


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