Africa, My Muse – A Poem by Alison May

Our Collective

Alison May


If you are like us, you will be dreaming of Africa right now… Take a journey through your mind’s eye, as you savour the sounds, scents and feelings of safari – even if just for a few minutes.

Enjoy Alison May’s tribute to her beloved homeland:

Africa is more than just a place
Beware you will lose your heart and soul to her
She is indescribable in her beauty

And provokes unbridled joy
The element of danger always present,
She doesn’t ask for anything,
But, balance

She offers everything in return
Crystal clear waters
Immeasurable space
Sensory overload; only because they are dulled by the city
The sounds of stillness
Hippos chewing
Hyaena giggling
Cicadas chirping
Wild dogs chattering
The early dawn call of francolin
The smell of sage; close to camp

Of elephants in musth
The earth after rains
Colours – too many to describe, astounding in her beauty
Africa sells herself each and every time.
I don’t. I share her soulfulness,

With every fibre of my being
That you’ll allow her in…
To be captivated, inspired, and to share her with others too.

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