Animal Poetry by Egotetse (Easy) Molapisi

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Egotetse (Easy) Molapisi


Egotetse Molapisi, nicknamed Easy, first began reciting his poetry around the campfire at Mombo. He would share his poems, delighting guests as they enjoyed a starlit dinner in the camp boma. “Guests would often invite me to join them for dinner after my recital and share feedback on my poetry. I have also enjoyed a number of game drives in the company of guests where I have been exposed to the wilderness in new ways; gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of nature.”

“I love writing about nature. It’s a thrill to watch a great eagle soar across the sky, or watch a pride of lions resting under a thorn bush. Observing the behaviour of wild animals reveals so much about their world and how intricately connected it is to our own. I believe that poetry can be incredibly powerful and moving, expressing things that sometimes are impossible to convey otherwise.”

"I believe the poems and photographs immediately capture the reader and pay homage to the wonderful wildlife and country that we have. It’s not just about showcasing the Big Five but rather the magnificence of the entire Animal Kingdom. "

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