Busanga - A Poem by Carol and Laurence Young

Our Collective

Carol and Laurence Young


All this down-time has allowed us to catch up on the beautiful comments we read in our guest books in camp. This poem was left after a safari to Shumba, and we thought we would share these beautiful words with you.

Busanga by Carol and Laurence Young

On the plains of the Busanga
Came visitors from afar
To view lion and leopard
And even nightjar

Find the wind, openbills
Circle up high
Soar without effort
Against the African sky

Watch the roan and sable
Puku and lechwe
A spectacle of nature
A blessing to see

Hear the call of the fish-eagle
And African dove
Ride with Leckson and JohnD
A labour of love

View this cycle of life
In front of your eyes
Don’t blink for a moment
Or lose sight of the prize

Now comes the time
To call it a day
Till we meet once again
In noble Kafue

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