Okavango Delta

Delta - A Poem by Thulaganyo Makgetho

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Thulaganyo Makgetho


Children in The Wilderness Eco-Club member Thulaganyo Makgetho wrote a beautiful poem about what the Okavango Delta means to her – and with all the great reports coming in over the past few weeks on how the water levels are steadily rising, this is the perfect time for this poem.

Delta a Poem by Thulaganyo Makgetho

Okavango Delta you are a
Large and beautiful African inland delta
You are made up of a number of lagoons
You are a source of foreign exchange

We benefit from your annually flowing water
You are a home for animals that depend on
Your life-giving source
You are many different colours of green

We earn a living by fishing and tourism
You hold animals that makes you attractive
Okavango Delta you make us proud

Oh our welcome water
Shining like a diamond
Okavango Delta you are the mother for wild animals

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