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Different Trees, One Environment – A Poem by Jolindie Grobbelaar

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Jolindie Grobbelaar



It turns out Wilderness is staffed by many talented poets. Inspired by her desert surroundings, Namibian Jolindie Grobbelaar marvels at the wonder of trees, with her unique take on just what it means to be “desert-adapted”.




Different Trees, One Environment – by Jolindie Grobbelaar


Up on a hill, but not far away,
Stood two very different trees.
One was strong, sturdy – a stave by no compare.
The other short, almost shrubby, but with a flush of green like no other.


The first, a mighty Camelthorn,
Looked down on his stunted Shepherd’s Tree companion and said:
“You amaze me, little friend, with your tufts of green and white bark,
Who would think you would survive so long?”




The shepherd’s tree, gently replied:
“My dear friend, you may be the symbol of strength
But I am known as the tree of life.
My evergreen leaves can nourish animal and human.
My roots are breakfast.
And, if it rains, my trunk can help catch water to quench thirst”.


Amazed, the Camelthorn responded:
“That is true, but did you know –
We take care of our own by warning them.
We thrive in the toughest conditions.
Our roots go down deep into Mother Africa.”




“Then my friend,” Shepherd’s Tree smiled,
“We are more alike than you think.
We might be different trees,
But we are rooted in the same Mother Africa.”


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