DumaTau Camp – Rebuilt, Recharging, and Still Remarkable

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Melissa Siebert


Surround yourself with elephants. Recharge your soul. Now in its third incarnation, newly rebuilt DumaTau, and the brand-new Little DumaTau, spectacularly sited in Botswana’s Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, offer an abundance of wildlife and wellness.

The main camp and its smaller sister lie between two elephant corridors in the Linyanti, with unique access to both the Linyanti River floodplain and the Savuti Channel. On ancient pathways at the end of the Great Rift Valley, along and through the waterways, elephant and other game traverse these corridors – essential to supporting viable, self-sustaining wildlife populations.

As part of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA-TFCA), the Linyanti is critical to biodiversity conservation. Since 1997, it has been the DumaTau team’s mission to protect these corridors, so that wildlife can again move freely among five African countries.

Aside from one of the world’s largest elephant mega-herds in the Linyanti, DumaTau boasts over 45km of river frontage in the concession which means unrivalled wildlife sightings in this pristine habitat. The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve is known for healthy populations of roan and sable, a range of prey species resulting in diversity of predators while the mopane woodland creates a habitat for those such as wild dog to flee to safety whenever the bigger predators are around – the DumaTau library and knowledgable guides will make learning about the habitats in the area and what they mean for the wildlife they support, an enjoyable experience.

You don’t have to go far from camp to view game; there’s almost a constant stream of ellies and other creatures passing by. In the evenings around the floating fire pit, resting on the lagoon, a wildlife chorus serenades. But there’s also a wealth of options for the active and adventurous.

Morning, afternoon, and evening game drives; nature walks; birding expeditions; boating excursions; catch-and-release fishing; and helicopter rides over the Rift’s faultline, giving a new perspective as you view the Linyanti from the sky, are all on offer. Upgrade your photographic skills with our Olympus camera kits, on land or in flight.

Guests can further support DumaTau’s conservation initiatives, such as the Wild Dog Dispersal Study, helping to understand the dogs’ movement behaviour and to identify their dispersal corridors. As part of the camp’s citizen science programme, guests can submit their photos and recorded sightings to augment wild dog research. Their stay also contributes to Wilderness Safaris’ support of the Maun Animal Welfare Society’s community outreach: vehicle and monetary donations to help the society vaccinate domestic dogs around nearby villages against distemper, parvo, rabies, and other afflictions, reducing transmission of such diseases to the wild dog population.

The wilderness rejuvenates; at DumaTau’s new Osprey Retreat, guests extend their wellness journey. A gym, a spa, and an enticing menu of treatments enhance the experience. Using natural body products from the award-winning Healing Earth range, the fully qualified, in-house therapist team offers a signature DumaTau treatment – the ‘Soul of the Earth Body Ceremony’, a full-body massage with a bespoke scent capturing the essence of the new camp. This ceremony starts with the feet, symbolically connecting with the Earth. Guests can enjoy massages in the spa or in their rooms, where yoga mats and a ‘gym-in- a-bag’ are also provided.

Veneration for nature continues in DumaTau’s light environmental footprint: it is 100 percent solar-powered – Wilderness Safaris’ largest solar-powered system to date, water efficient, and smartly designed to maximise air flow and cooling.

Likewise with the camp’s ‘foodprint’, a model of good health and sustainability in sourcing mainly local products. Among DumaTau’s new menu items are a signature pasta made from millet and sorghum from Seronga village, and a risotto made with village beans infused with Kalahari truffles. A rich cultural cuisine awaits: the Batswana staff are keen to share traditional menu items such as spicy chakalaka relish and delicious pounded beef seswaa.

The new DumaTau welcomes you singly, as a couple, as friends, as family. With its Bush Buddy programme for ages 6 to 16, the camp engages young people in a series of age-appropriate educational activities related to nature and conservation. By prior arrangement, a Bush Buddy mentor can be on hand for your children throughout the day.

No prior arrangement needed for the elephants, though – they consistently show up, herd after magnificent herd…

Written by Melissa Siebert

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