I Dream of Africa – In Harmony with Nature

Our Collective

Tenneil Zondagh


I Dream of Africa. I dream of the bush, I dream of my senses being overwhelmed by the smell of wild sage, the cacophony of Christmas beetles, the caress of long grasses against my limbs, and the splendour of wide open spaces.

This week’s theme is In Harmony with Nature, taking a step back to slow down and take in some much-needed harmony in an otherwise chaotic world. From practicing yoga to sleeping under the stars, or even indulging in a plant-based diet, being in harmony with yourself will help you see the harmony in nature.

Dedicated to conserving and restoring Africa’s wilderness and wildlife, we are taking this time to reflect on how the world is restoring itself and how, as a community, we can all help. And so, until such time as we are able to travel again, please join us as we Dream of Africa.

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While Wilderness Safaris brings you a full spectrum of harmonic offerings, we believe that the greatest of these is a complete immersion into one of the finest wildernesses on the planet, far from the madding crowd, mounting pollution and modern technology. Our areas are simply Africa as it was, and as it is meant to be: endless horizons of wide-open space inhabited by its rightful fauna and flora.

"My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with nature. "

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