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Little Kulala, acclaimed desert retreat in Namibia’s extraordinary Sossusvlei area, is undergoing a significant upgrade.



For many years, our guests have enjoyed its notable architecture, elegant accommodation, warm Namibian hospitality, and proximity to the towering dunes. Little Kulala’s signature design will essentially remain, but will have larger rooms now interlinked with walkways. The deck around the main area will be expanded and there will be new softs throughout. The sleep-out experience will also be redefined to take in the sheer wonder and enormity of the Namibian night sky.

Little Kulala is situated in the Kulala Wilderness Reserve, where a private gate exclusive to Wilderness Safaris allows for a shorter journey to Sossusvlei. Aside from exploring the dunes, multiple activities allow guests to immerse themselves in the splendour, solitude and stark beauty of the Namib Desert, on foot or by vehicle, quad-bike or hot air balloon. Sensory experiences range from scenic sundowners to learning the southern skies, fine wine tastings in the cellar and dinners in the desert.




Little Kulala is how we reinterpret the desert experience, and tell the remarkable story of a desert habitat restored.


Little Kulala will reopen 1 June 2020.

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