New Beginnings: DumaTau and Little DumaTau

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In September we announced the exciting new construction and tier upgrade of our beloved DumaTau, as well as the creation of Little DumaTau. It’s been over a month since the camp closed and, interested to know more, we recently caught up with Wilderness Business Development Project Manager Andrew Johnson, to get an update on the construction and developments currently taking place.


Andrew reports:


The dry heat is over and the long-awaited rains have arrived in the Linyanti, providing much-needed relief for wildlife, as well as the DumaTau building team who are already in full swing. While we have reclaimed and are reusing as much as we can from the former camp, we have also ordered all new materials needed and these are coming in from Maun on a daily basis. The fun has begun…




Little DumaTau is rising from the ground, with the main area, as well as its four guest suites, already under construction.




As both camps will be offering a Premier experience, all suites will be very spacious (double the size of the former DumaTau rooms) and will have expansive decks and private plunge pools.




Locating the main area pool for DumaTau took some skilful planning, and with its up-close situation on Osprey Lagoon, we anticipate this space being a favourite amongst guests.




The Wellness Centre, which will include a gym, spa, curio shop and alfresco deli set around a 12-metre lap pool, is sited between the camps, and its construction is also underway. The location of this space is very special and guests can look forward to lying pool-side, or sipping on a drink whilst watching herds of elephant crossing the mass of water in front of camp.




While planning of the camp layout is essentially almost done, building between the trees can be tricky. As it is critically important to us that we do not damage any of them, every so often we have to come back to our plans.


And last, but certainly not least, the plan for solar installation is progressing well and we expect to install a 230KVA solar array, battery and inverter system to ensure plenty of clean power for both camps.




What is certain is that DumaTau and Little DumaTau are going to be a spectacular addition to our Botswana circuit. Guests have always loved the old-world look and feel of the previous camp, and the superb new enhancements will continue to blend style and elegance with a sense of off-the-beaten-track exploration. One thing is for sure, the signature floating fire deck stays; and we look forward to sharing many crackling fireside tales with our guests from 1 August 2020.

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