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Welcome to Jao, an Okavango oasis of luxury and calm encapsulating the very essence of Botswana’s inland-delta wonderland. Within the private Jao Reserve’s 61 000-plus hectares, Jao Camp promises some 830 hectares of pristine exclusivity per guest – more than almost any other reserve in the country. Multiple-award winner Jao is a sculptural marvel of natural and recycled materials, of towering, spacious interiors embracing the light. Here, some of the purest waters on Earth ebb and flow, sustaining this part of the Kalahari Desert, and an abundance of wildlife: predators aplenty, extraordinary big game, specialised aquatic antelope and an absolute cornucopia of birdlife. Ideal for multi-generational travellers, Jao’s warm and knowledgeable staff will quickly work their way into your entire family’s hearts.

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