Little Makalolo

Provision of Water for Wildlife in Dry Season in Zimbabwe

Our Collective

Willem Botha


The provision of water for the wildlife during the hot and dry months of September, October and November was undoubtedly tough for Hwange’s Mr B and the Game Water Supply team, “but we did not give up hope, and remained positive knowing that the rains were imminent”, as he puts it.


Over the two days of 9 and 10 December, the Wilderness Safaris concessions received some very good rain which brought relief and joy to all, as well as new life to this great wilderness.


Impala and wildebeest started giving birth to their young, and in the open plains and replenished waterholes there were incredible sightings of vultures, eagles, storks and kites.


When a person sees all this, then you know that the heart of Hwange is alive and beating. Game Water Supply can now close down, bringing to an end a great pumping season with unforgettable experiences, adventures and wildlife encounters – this was a game water supply journey to remember.


These are just a few photos of my recent experiences. I can now go to my home in Bulawayo, put up my feet, relax and enjoy.



Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Until next time, take care and chin up.


Mr B

"When a person sees all this, then you know that the heart of Hwange is alive and beating. "

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