Africa in Focus Photo Competition: Namibia Desert Dreamscapes


Tenneil Zondagh


Namibia is celebrated for its vast open landscapes – an abundance of space in which to inhale deeply and bask in an infinite supply of blue, sun-bright skies and star-filled nights. There are many places where the lunar-like landscape seems to deny the existence of any life, but life there is, and in many diverse forms. From the nomadic Himba people, to the unique desert-adapted elephant, the bizarre Welwitschia plant and the superbly adapted luminescent scorpions.

"The desert, when the sun comes up. I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began. "

When it comes to African landscapes, there are few places that match the scenic beauty of the Namib Desert. A photographer’s dream destination, our camps are ideal destinations to appreciate Namibia’s diversity, while honing your photography skills. This year we will once again run our annual photography competition, Africa in Focus, and hope to see a few of your landscape entries. To inspire you, view our suggested itinerary of Wilderness Safaris Namibia Camps where you can take full advantage of this “Desert Dreamscape”. 



And if that is not inspiration enough have a look at some of the landscape entries from our 2020 Photo Comp …


“Desert Shapes From the Air” by Gerald Knight


“Lonely Oryx in the Namibia Desert” by Sonnabend Gaby


“Desert Elephant” by Peter & Beverly Pickford


“Desert Contrast” by Anton Kruger


“Footprint in the Desert” by Marcello Galleano


“Namibian Stars” by Richard de Gouveia


“Sunset In The Namib Desert” by John Stanfield


“Himba in Kunene Region” by Nicole Cambre


“Dancing in the Desert” by Anna Frandino


“Desert-Adapted Zebras” by Sarah Gold


Banner image by People’s Choice Landscape Category winner Peter Pickford

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