Africa in Focus Photo Competition: Close up of Animals Images


Tenneil Zondagh


Entries have closed for the Wilderness Safaris Africa in Focus 2020 Photographic Competition, but the fun is only just starting. While our esteemed panel of judges pages through their favourite images we thought we would share some of the notable entries that struck us with their art and beauty, starting with an always popular category – Wildlife.


Wildlife photography is perhaps one of the most rewarding forms of artwork. It is not as simple as “point and shoot” but takes a great amount of patience and the perfect timing, as the subject of the photo can be unpredictable. And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, in a split second you need to capture the perfect photo, balanced with location and lighting, while trying to crystallise the beauty and emotion felt as you spotted that amazing creature in the wilderness.


All our guides at Wilderness Safaris have had intense training on Olympus photographic gear, and are eminently qualified to help you capture truly extraordinary images. They will manoeuvre the game drive vehicle to best position you for the light, and are ready with great advice and tips.


The best trick I learnt while on safari at Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia, was taking a photo using my mobile phone with the added zoom of a pair of binoculars! Lining up the phone’s camera through the eye-piece of the binoculars added an entirely new dimension to my photographs, and really improved my bird captures.

"Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more "

Here is a selection of some of our favourite close-up wildlife photos. This art is focused on the emotion expressed in the photo – the majority emphasise the facial expressions of the animals, and prove that the eyes are truly the window to the soul.


“Princess of the Pond” by Ruzdi Ekenheim


“Chameleon Road Crossing ” by Anton Kruger


“Crocodile in Pastel” by Eric Loken


“Lions of Darkness” by Paul Funston


“What You Looking At?” by Mike Sutherland


“Handsome Guy” by Per Bergh


“Judy” by Lucic Mladin


“Mesmerizing Beautiful” By Luz Helena Castro Herrera


“What’s up Doc” by Tessa Barsac


“Royal Blue” by Daniel Bezuidenhout

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