Africa in Focus Photo Competition: Birds Photography


Tenneil Zondagh


World Migratory Bird Day (9 and 10 October) is celebrated biannually to mark the arrival and departure of these far-travelling birds. Earlier this year we shared an article focusing on “Why Birds Migrate”, and with the theme for this day being “Birds Connect Our World”, we have decided to focus on the amazing bird photographs submitted in our Africa in Focus 2020 photo competition.


The theme highlights the importance of conserving and restoring the ecological connectivity and integrity of ecosystems that support the natural movements of migratory birds, and that are essential for their survival and well-being. And as conservation is at the heart of everything Wilderness Safaris does, this makes it an especially important day for us. Our aim is to help and protect both the creatures and the wild areas in which they live. Nearly every region where we have developed a low-density tourism operation is in an area of extremely high species diversity, and is a key wilderness area. And why we dedicated an entire category to conservation in this year’s photo competition.


“World Migratory Bird Day is a call to action and a reminder that we are connected by birds’ journeys. Though we may be separated by miles and geography, birds connect us locally and globally ”, said Susan Bonfield, Executive Director of Environment for the Americas. “Our unified voices for bird conservation bring us together in ensuring that our planet is healthy for these long-distance travellers and for us”.


Perhaps the most difficult animal to photograph, these colourful feathered wonders are always splendid to observe. Have a look at some of these fantastic images.


“Colourful Carmines” by Vidit Luthra; highly sociable and master hunters, these southern carmine bee-eaters are a migratory species that visit Zambia's Luangwa Valley to breed between the months of August and November each year


“Malachite Sunbird” by Chanan Weiss; the emerald king of the protea forest


“Colours in Flight” by Johan Malan; the sun showcasing a lilac breasted roller's magnificent colours!


“Bird’s-Eye View” by Brent Daniel; soaring with a flock of kelp gulls over the aquamarine waters off South Africa's southern coast


“Flight of the Gannet” by Craig Fouche; visiting Bird Island Nature Reserve at Lambert’s Bay I was able to capture this Cape gannet in flight as it circled the island


“Dinner Time” by Simon Beevers; eyes bigger than your belly? Giant kingfisher


“The Pair” by Jerry Chinn; tawny eagle


“Are You Looking at Me?” by Celine Semiond; shoebill head's shape makes it glance at you with a scary feeling 


“The Big Stare” by Tim Driman; southern ground hornbill


“Fleeing Flock” by Edward Fisher; aerial view of three ostriches running

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