Africa in Focus - Week Four Entries


Tenneil Zondagh


Black-and-white is the theme for this week – while dynamic colours bring a special feeling to photos, monochrome images seem to evoke more emotion in their simplicity. The beauty of black-and-white is because it is considered photography in its purest form. When you remove colour, the emphasis shifts to the other compositional elements of the image. These include lines, shape and texture, contrasts and tones.

"I can get a far greater sense of ‘color’ through a well-planned and executed black and white image than I have ever achieved with color photography. "

Try your hand at black-and-white photography and submit your entries in the Africa in Focus 2020 Photographic Competition here.

"Gentle Giant" by Maria Barroso; Kenya's most iconic treasure

"My Tusk" by Tony Vroom

"Elephants in a Stormy Sky" by Paolo Ameli

"Hiding Away" by Simon Beevers; a baby baboon cuddled up in the love of its mother

"Lions Mating" by Rhino Grohmann

"Family" by Bryan Jackson; Thornicroft’s giraffe, found only in Zambia's Luangwa Valley

"Sands of Time" by Lance van de Vyver; this image is of a ground pangolin that has been captured by lions. The young cubs could not figure out what to do with this poor creature, constantly turning it over and over. The sand pouring through the scales, almost like an hour glass is especially symbolic to me, as they had the pangolin within their grasp for over 14 hours!

"The Stare" by Elaine Muller

‘"Curious Cheetah" by Yaron Schmid

"Hamar woman taking part in a village dance" by Natalie Kidd; part of a coming-of-age celebration for one of the village youths

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