African Characters and Culture in Focus - Week Two Entries


Josephine Bestic


The ‘Africa in Focus’ People / Cultures & Communities of Africa category celebrates our continent’s people and their engagement with nature. 

And celebrating their subject, our entrants certainly are. This is just a small selection of outstanding images captured across Africa – and exactly what we are looking for from a category that particularly resonates with our ethos of impactful tourism.

Zanzibar fisherman by Ronnie Fischer; Zanzibar fishermen hard at work.

Little man by Simone Osborne: Visiting the Hamer tribe in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia

In prayer by Alex Roldan: Maasai elder in prayer during a blessing ceremony held to help educate the local community about alternative rights of passage, steering them away from traditional methods such as female genital mutilation and circumcision.

Bracelets by Lynn Doran; Bracelets worn by a woman of the Dassenech tribe. She wears a beautiful hide and beaded skirt, but her hands show the hard work of her life.

Emerging from her hut by Shelly Rosenberg; This beautiful girl just emerged from her little hut with her fabulous adornments.

Seaweed collectors by Per Järtby; These women collected seaweed which they then dried and sold.

Smoking Himba Woman by Giovanni Agostino; Himba woman showing how she uses smoke to clean herself.

Curious by Marco Tonoli; In the south Omo, while moving through Mursi land, we came across this young boy peeking at us from behind the tree

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